The LightPaint Lab Photo-Booth

The LightPaint Lab Photo Booth brings the excitement back to photobooths. Ideal for conferences and events. We Paint with Light to create memorable Photos of your guests, attendees and delegates. In this unique twist on the photo-booth our LightPainting Artists use Cutting-Edge LED Light technology and long-exposure photography to capture one-of-a-kind images, that can be printed and displayed on site as soon as they are taken and even shared to social media.

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We create a long exposure photo of a person or group inside a completely light-tight Photobooth (approx. 15-30 sec) . During that time our artists create some light painting in the background and or light streaks that interact with the person (i.e. draw some wings/ devil horns on their head, write their name, etc.). You can also have a company logo or any other image recreated in the shot, using the pixelstick. The exposure is finished with a rear-curtain flash once the light painting itself is finished, to expose the person / group properly.

The resulting images can be printed on site and they also can be made available immediately to be posted on social media, as we create them. We can also have a large LED Screen set up to display the images right away on the night.

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