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A selection of various steelwool spin fire painting images taken in and around Sydney. If you are interested in purchasing prints or licensing these images, please visit the gallery.

Taken at Garie Beach, Royal National Park, NSW, Australia with Fire Artist Tobias Hühnlich.

If you would like to buy prints or liscense images of this series visit the gallery.

“Tiger Beer opens the door to the pulse of Sydney through the eyes of light painter Alex Kesselaar and friends. See the megacity’s unique light and watch it come to life in the darkness.”

This is a Video in the Asian Mega Cities Mini Series by Tiger Beer that features my Light & Fire Painting Photography. It was very interesting being in front of the Camera for once.

The Fire Artists on the shoot were the awesome Dan Farr & Kevin Lynch aka Kev Twirl.

These Firepainting Photos were taken as part of the Tiger Beer Megacities Video Series. It was great collaborating with Fire Artists Kevin Lynch and Dan Farr.

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