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The making of the Vivid Snap App

As a lightpainting artist living in Sydney. The Vivid Festival is an absolute must see event. So when I was contacted by advertising agency Iris Worldwide to help them to create a lightpainting app for Vivid, I jumped on board straight away.

Iris came up with the idea to make a bespoke light font that allows anyone to add their name in lights and to create a number of unique phrases and icons for people to create personalised, social art within their photos. To bring the font and other lightpainting elements to live I collaborated with the incredibly talented Georgia Hill. The challenge was to generate a font and other elements that actually translate in to effective lightpainting. After our first initial meeting, Georgia came up with some incredible concepts and designs.

We had 3 lightpainting sessions before the actual shoot. This time was extremely valuable as we could refine and improve the font and Georgia could rehearse writing the font in light. The big difference when you write with light, compared to a brush or pencil is that you don’t have any reference points you don’t see the letters or words in front of you while you are writing. You only see the result after the shutter of the camera closes on the screen. So this is what a typical rehearsal session looked like.


When the app launched, it was extremely well received and even ranked among the big players in the photo and video app category in the app store.



It was an incredible experience collaborating with Andy Griffith from Iris and Georgia Hill. I hope that I’ll be able to work with them again in the near future.



Download the app for yourself and create your very own VividSnap here.