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The word “photography” was created from the greek roots phōtos, genitive phōs “light” and graphé “drawing”, together meaning “drawing with light”. In essence every photograph is painting with light.

At Lightpaint Lab we love drawing with light and different light sources, be it LED, PixelStick, Fire, the Moon or the Sun . We have been doing this for years and are consistently pushing the boundaries of what is possible. We love crazy ideas and solving problems for our clients.

If you are looking to promote your brand, event or idea in a truly unique and engaging way contact us now .

We love teaching photographers from beginners to pros how to Paint with Light and take awesome photos at night. If you would like to join one of our hands-on, fun and engaging workshops. Click Here.

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Alexander Kesselaar
LightPaint Lab Founder & Creative Director


Alex is an accredited Professional Photographer with the AIPP.


Lightpainting Photography

Lightpainting Photography Services, whether you want to give your new campaign an artistic edge or are looking for unique ways to promote your brand.

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Lightwriting Photography

See your logo, name, quote or slogan drawn in light. We work with renowned Typographers, Cartoonists, Calligraphers and other Artists to create incredible content.

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Lightpainting Videography

See Lightpainting images appear in real time as they are being drawn in our video productions and time-lapse videos.

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Lightpainting Photography Booth

Give your event the edge with our fun LPL Booth. Let your staff & clients create their own Light-Art and see the results instantly.



This is a selection of our commercial & fine-art projects. If you would like to discuss your next project, buy  prints or license our photos,

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Northline Commercial Photography
lightpainting / commercial / photography / fine art / LED
Vivid Snap – Light painting / writing App
commercial / lightpainting / photography / video / LED
Accenture – Digitas LBI Commercial Work
commercial / lightpainting / photography / pixelstick
Bacardi Bats Light Painting Stopmotion
commercial / lightpainting / video / Stopmotion Lightpainting
Rainbow Wand Lightpainting
lightpainting / LED / fine art / photography
Sydney CBD Fire Painting Photography
firepainting / fine art / photography / steelwool
Sydney on Fire World Record
Garie Beach Firepainting Photography
firepainting / fine art / photography
Australia Day Fireworks 2014
fireworks / big lights
Tiger Beer Fire Photography
firepainting / photography / commercial
Northline Fine Art Lightpainting Gallery
lightpainting / fine art / photography
Sydney Steelwool Spin Photography
steelwool / firepainting / photography / fine art
Lightpainting Photography Booth
commercial / LED / lightpainting
Tiger Beer Sydney Illuminated Video
video / firepainting / commercial


INDIVIDUAL One on One Workshops

One on one workshops are definitely the best way to learn LightPainting and Night Photography, completely tailored to your skill level and interests. Alex will cover everything from gear, getting the shot, processing to how to get your work out there.

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