Our Journey: Founded in 2010, LightPaint Lab began as a beacon of innovation in the realm of photography. Our mission was to explore the art of light painting, a technique where we don’t just capture light; we choreograph it. Over the years, we’ve evolved from a passionate experiment into a hub of creativity, working with diverse clients and pushing the boundaries of light art.

Our Philosophy: At the core of LightPaint Lab is a belief that every photograph is a dance of light and shadow. We see our cameras as brushes, the world as our canvas, and light in its myriad forms – from LED to the ethereal glow of the moon – as our paint. Our approach combines technical mastery with creative vision, turning fleeting moments of illumination into lasting works of art.

Alexander Kesselaar – The Visionary: As the founder and creative director, I, Alexander Kesselaar, have always been captivated by the power of light. Born in Bremen, Germany, and now based in Sydney, Australia, my journey in photography has been one of constant exploration and discovery. With a background as a professional photographer and videographer, I’ve harnessed my skills to not just document the world, but to transform it through light. My passion for Australian indigenous culture and history often influences my work, bringing a unique perspective to our projects.

The LightPaint Lab Experience: We are not just photographers; we are storytellers, educators, and innovators. From corporate branding to fine art galleries, our work spans a spectrum of applications. We love sharing our craft, teaching the art of light painting to photographers of all levels through workshops and seminars.

Looking Forward: As we continue our journey, our aim is to keep exploring new frontiers in light painting photography, creating captivating images that speak volumes. We look forward to collaborating with more brands, artists, and enthusiasts who share our passion for this mesmerizing art form.